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Hi I am MOD1T or at least it's my online name I tend to use, I am glad to have you onboard for the journey. The site will be dedicated to the interests and my personal hobbies which are computing/android/modding and mobile gaming with some occasional computer game and software/app deal thrown in for good measure to. The apps and the software deals I review or provide will be my favourites of the various choices available from a pick of certain go to sites I tend to use regularly.

I am operating the site on my own without assistance, and will be updating as and when it is possible to do so, therefore gaps may exist at times where i am not free to publish however I shall endeavor to try my up most to entertain you with the aforementioned content on a regularbasis.

I love technology/gaming/computers mobile phones and there apps and softwares and hope to make this site about all that and then some, I may share some of those hardware mods and projects that I do on here from time to time as well.

I am available on vid.me as MOD1T and also on youtube although I have been neglecting youtube lately and may stop going to it as MOD1T from here on I am undecided yet there. You can vew some of the videos there but over time I may upload these videos or link them to this site for readers to see, if you like either you can subcribe on youtube to my channel or follow my channel which is the same thing as youtube subscribing but on vid.me, there is a follow button on vid.me and a subscribe button on youtube below the playing video.

A note for parents: This site will likely contain some lighthearted yet adult language and humor, so please be aware of this if you have children before letting children view anything please make sure that it is suitable for them thankyou.

My Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBfsKCZJlPUMwr6ZoMHgifw

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Thankyou and enjoy

How To Use An Online Teleprompter Read Like A Reporter

My STREAM DREAM BROWSER A Customized Android Web Browser With Youtube Playlists


This is my successor app to the recently made with apps geyser app called MOD1T MEDIA BROWSER V2.0 I had actually created a version 3.0 but thought on it a bit and renamed it to something a little less bland and went all out and added a bigger variety of content for a broader audience to stream there's something for everyone really the link is below any way and please enjo, it's totaly ad free and cost free and is youtube based content aggregated by yours truly lol. Link to Download Below This Line (Android Devices Only)


Deals Steals And Giveaway Bounty

Some great bargains and some great free software provided by a variation of sites I guide you on the what where and how to get your hands on this bounty.

What A Beautifull Mistake - This Is A Shadowgun For Android Glitch You Have To Admire

Fucking up in style with shadowgun for android, if you love 3rd person shooter games like gears of war I suggest you get this game, but don't expect a long journey through this game being just 10 levels with a added bonus pack of short term levels.

Regardsless of it's lack of levels it definately has a console-esque quality and feel that put it above most of it's competition, plus it does allow the use of controllers like the nvidia shield controller and the xbox 360 controller which are the only 2 I tested.