So some considerable time ago I had a fw bits to hand and a lot of time to spare, those parts where a Marconi engineers flight case allow body it was a clearance item from a house clearance I'd been given, I had a PAP-1000 from china a console from china with built in games to play these were things like cps1 cps2 neo geo gameboy advance etc games, I also had a spare cheap monitor given to me a 15" if I recolect correctly an lcd. So bored one late night I began pondering ideas of how to make an arcade cabinet and came to the conclusion I won't have the tools materials nor the skill set to make a wooden cabinet, then I thoiught what about a portable arcade something with a monitor, then I realized I could mashup the lcd,flight case, and PAP-1000 and thus came to life the Marconi Engineers Portable Flightcase Arcade, yes a right f@ cking mouthfull any way I spent the time to gut cut and trim the inner foams out of the case screw the monitor to the lid, and mount the half of a PAP-1000 to a thick hardened cardboard base using nothing more than folded paper clips, I then set about shimming the soc and actively cooling the unit via a small laptop fan a bit of soldering and tape a usb cable and iphone charger plug end were used here for that, the system was then linked to the monitor via a composite to hdmi adapter and hdmi to vga together it upscaled the video simultaneously allowing a headphone audio output signal, I then just banged an old wireless speaker on it to provide sound and hey presto portable 2 player flightcase arcade system.

I have added the video to watch below, I have to apologize here for the in and out of focus video as my head got in the way it must have been all the ideas I was having Also the homemade well wicked soundtrack gets a bit repetative look past it's faults and all in all it provides an insight into what you can build from cheap bits relatively quickly well hours first making blunders then minutes to achieve success lol enjoy.

Home Made Bench Testing PC Case

In this project I do go a bit far with the explanation and some errors occur in filming with a wobbling camera but the idea is obvious.I wanted to get my hands on a pc bench testing case a sort of pc case that's exposed to the air so the parts can be interchanged removed added and tested between machines, to do this normally you either buy one or make one, but the usual way to manufacturer such a product uses a grinder grinding up an old pc case which

  1. I don't trust my self usinga grinder really with no education on such topics
  2. I don't own a grinder any way

So I had an Epiphany yet again , this time I had pc cases no tools no diy education, but I then thought what about that big space consuming mahogany toned cd spinner stack out the back, so all night I scratched my head I took things off put things back and then struggled mounting the hard drives, and this is what it ended up like eventually the video tells all.

A Mobile Phone Repair Assistant Web Browser By Yours Truly

This was an idea to consolidate what I know to be some of the better websites for firmware and softwares, but also for modding and repairing android devices and smartwatches. There is pretty much all you need if you ask the right members or try to learn on your own, you can find it all in one neat web browser with a ltiled layout scheme. This was made with appsgeyser and the link for the app is below 

MALWARE BLAZER Android Malware Analysis App

Here is my latest project, it's a aggregated list of varied android/windows/mac and ios file scanning tools existing online in webpages. I wanted something to use for diagnosing files on the fly before installing them that a single antivirus may never pick up on, some of these sites check with as many as 60+ scanners at one time to verify the file or files are safe.

Some of these tools are very fulfilling with having not just eg. a file scanner but a url or ip scanner etc to also test with not all but some do. In the app also sits duckduck go and ixsearch websearch pages for secure web browsing and also a disposable  email client. 

Download Link Below: